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Jolie Histoire Photography
Based In: Luxembourg City
Other Locations: France - Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Reims, Paris l Belgium - Arlon

In 2012, my cousin got married. She changed my life forever when shed asked me to be her wedding photographer. Of course, being fully aware that my passion for landscape photography did not make me a wedding photographer, I kindly declined…

Metz Wedding Photographers | Jolie Histoire Photography

Our most sought after and professional Metz wedding photographers often say that romance is everywhere – especially Metz which is one of the most charming locations for wedding photographs. Imagine a lovely wedding photograph amongst historic monuments with cobblestone lanes or lovely bridges or the gorgeous architecture. Did you know that Metz has been described as a city of art and history? What could be more natural than having your wedding photos in this great city? Many of our recently married couples asked our Metz wedding photographersto capture their treasured wedding imagery at the Cathedrale Saint-Etienne (1250-1380) or the modern Centre Pompidou-Metz (2010). We have only touched on all the lovely locations for wedding photographs. Our wedding photographers in Metz at Best of Wedding Photography would be honored to capture your treasured moments.

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