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Nina Photo
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: All over Croatia l All over Austria

Based in Dubrovnik, Croatia - I live with my best friend and husband, together with our two furry friends a dog and a cat. Having been in love with photography and photographing mostly nature around me, once I started looking for a…

Zagreb Wedding Photographers | Nina Photo

You already know that Croatia is beautiful and a hidden gem is Zagreb. Our Zagreb wedding photographers will be over the moon to help you select a great place for your wedding photos, starting with Medvednica Mountain – what a gorgeous background for photos – especially if you can get to the top and have a panoramic view of the city – but don’t try to climb it in your wedding attire. It might be advisable to have your engagement photos here. Although beautiful and melancholy, our Zagreb wedding photographers do not recommend the Museum of Broken Relationships – after all, this is a new life as a married couple filled with happiness and dreams. Do you love cathedrals and history? Then the 19th century St. Mark’s Church will surely capture romantic memories for you. And one of the most gorgeous parks in the city is Zrinjevac – so lush with greenery and colorful flowers. And if you get married in the winter, Zrinjevac Park is decorated and awesome. There are so many more locations for perfect wedding photographs. Your wedding photographers in Zagreb will be glad to provide you with numerous locations to match your interests. Be ready to be awed by the skill of these top wedding photographers in the world – you will not be able to stop taking out your wedding album to show others, and they will never tire of the beauty.

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