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Flavio Bandiera – Wedding Photography

Based In: Baldissero Torinese - Turin - Italy

Other Locations: Monte Carlo, Switzerland, U.K., Hong Kong, U.S.A.

Flavio Bandiera was born in 1970, and lives with his wife in Turin, in the north of Italy. He is an an award-winning Turin wedding photographer who has been dedicated for over fifteen years to international photographic projects and has…

Turin Wedding Photographers | Flavio Bandiera - Wedding Photography

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This is the very luckiest day with respect to your wedding plans – you have found award-winning Turin wedding photographers to take care of your wedding photos. So let our Turin wedding photographers suggest a couple of ideal locations for your wedding photos. Don’t worry, if none of these gorgeous spots are close to your wedding venue, our wedding photographers in Turin will gladly suggest other locations to capture your most beautiful and emotional moments. Let’s start off with the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy – this is truly magnificent and beautiful. But there is so much more like the Mole Antonelliana and the National Museum of Cinema. Not that great if you would prefer to visit and have your wedding photos taken in in Italian Alps. You can find more history and gorgeous flowers and gardens at the Castle and the Valentino Park. And don’t forget the impressive Basilica di Superga. Looks like we gave you way too many options – don’t worry – our Turin wedding photographers will be extremely happy to find the perfect place for you newlyweds.

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