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Nino Lombardo wedding photographer
Based In: Trapani Sicily, Italy
Other Locations: New York | Montreal | Tokyo | Shanghai | Mykonos | New Delhi | Europe | Italy: Taormina, Venice, Amalfi, Palermo, Capri

Nino Lombardo is a Sicily wedding photographer who will capture a realistic and natural picture on your wedding day. He literally loves black and white reportage, the play of light and shadows, the emotions, the joys of marriage and you and…

Tokyo Wedding Photographers | Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

The city of Tokyo is best seen from the Tokyo Tower according to our Tokyo wedding photographers. What can be more perfect than having some of your wedding photos taken here, especially at night? Another great place that some of our couples have spent with our Tokyo wedding photographers is Kamakura -- full of culture with several temples and shrines. Hakone is a heaven for nature lovers featuring bubbling springs and volcanic vents. Our wedding photographers in Tokyo are just skimming the top of just a few of the incredible places for wedding photographs such as Ginza, Sensoji Temple, Imperial Place, Mount Fuji, and Harajuku. Please feel free to indicate the location of your wedding venue and our Tokyo wedding photographers will be happy to plan the very best and most suitable places to take creative and stunning photographs of your wedding day. You will feel doubly blessed when you see the results – especially because you found them on Best of Wedding Photography – the unsurpassed wedding photographers in the world.

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