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Congratulations from our Tangier wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography on that very special day coming up for you two – your matrimony. Your search for the cream of the crop wedding photographers in Tangier is finally over. You just found the most talented and sought after Tangier wedding photographers. Imagine a loving glance with your new spouse as the sun sets on one of the beautiful beaches. How about the beautiful churchyard of St. Andrew’s Church? Or would you prefer something more exotic as a background for wedding photos like the former Sultan’s Palace – the Kasbah Museum. For a gorgeous view of the coast, Mnar Park is a perfect landscape. We have only touched on a few ideas for your wedding photos – just give our Tangier wedding photographers some information about the location of your venue, and they will happily find the perfect spot for your wedding photos. You will be more than delighted with your final awesome wedding album!

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