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Wonderful Weddings
Based In: Copenhagen, Denmark
Other Locations: Zealand, Denmark l Malmö - Sweden

My name is Nikola Majkic. Or for most people just Niko. I was born in Croatia in the mid 80's, grew up in Sweden and have lived in Denmark for the past many years. I make a living photographing weddings, with all kinds of people and real,…

Sweden Wedding Photographers | Wonderful Weddings

Destined for Happiness powered by
Based In: We are providing services in California, Bay Area as well as word wide. Our studio address is 900 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA, 95124
Other Locations: Stockholm, Sweden l Rome, Italy

Crazy about LIFE - Extremely positive, hilariously fun, HAPPY, with strong desire to change the world for the better. everyday people’s love stories are unfolding around me. same event location always a new story, new personalities, new…

Sweden Wedding Photographers | Destined for Happiness powered by

Santorini Photo Sessions
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Florence (Italy) - Stockholm (Sweden)

I was born in Thessaloniki, in the north part of Greece and my first involvement in photography was because of my father, who is a photographer, so from a very young age I was helping my father in a studio and in still life photography…

Sweden Wedding Photographers | Santorini Photo Sessions

You have come to the right place if you are looking for exceptional and highly skilled Sweden wedding photographers. Our brides and grooms continue to rave about their wedding photographer experiences. So where do you go in Sweden to capture your wedding day in an enchanting and gorgeous wedding album – the land of Vikings, the Volvo, Absolute Vodka (all V’s) and, of course, their famous meatballs – perhaps we need to find a V description for them too? Let us count the ways (or should we say places). We will only mention a few recommendations from our Sweden wedding photographers – but it is up to you – it all depends on where your wedding venue is situated. No matter where you chose, the landscape is always as picturesque as a postcard -- with gorgeous landscape and lush green forests. Let’s not forget the cultural cities like Stockholm with centuries of history and quaintness – and my, oh my, the Archipelago made up of 30,000 islands – scattered with maritime cottages and landscape. And what about Gothenburg – filled with charming canals, cobbled streets and luscious botanical gardens? We could go on and on. Just grab your Sweden wedding photographers and head to the most romantic place near you to capture the most magical moments of your wedding day.

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