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Nino Lombardo wedding photographer
Based In: Trapani Sicily, Italy
Other Locations: New York | Montreal | Tokyo | Shanghai | Mykonos | New Delhi | Europe | Italy: Taormina, Venice, Amalfi, Palermo, Capri

Nino Lombardo is a Sicily wedding photographer who will capture a realistic and natural picture on your wedding day. He literally loves black and white reportage, the play of light and shadows, the emotions, the joys of marriage and you and…

Shanghai Wedding Photographers | Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Our Shanghai wedding photographers believe Shanghai is one of the most fascinating and magical places for a couple to make their wedding vows. Imagine some glorious photographs along the Huangpu River. Some other locations that our Shanghai wedding photographers love to take newlyweds are to the ultimate culture and gorgeous colours of the temples like the Jade Buddha Temple or the Longhua Pagoda Temple, just to name a few. Another favorite for wedding photos is the ancient town of Scenie Qiabo. If you prefer to be playful, how about sharing a kiss on one of the amusement rides at Jinjiang Amusement Park? Whatever your preference and personalities, our wedding photographers in Shanghai will be sure to provide you with the most amazing wedding photographs you could ever have. You just won’t be able to stop gazing through your wedding album.

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