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Seychelles Wedding Photographer
Based In: Seychelles (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue)
Other Locations: Seychelles Archipelago - Amirantes Islands, Mahé island, Praslin Island, La Digue Island l La Réunion l Mauritius

Born in Paris - France (capital of the fashion photography), I am a professional photographer based in Seychelles with 20 years of experience, specialized in the creative wedding photography. I am not a destination photographer that would…

Seychelles Archipelago Wedding Photographers | Seychelles Wedding Photographer

So you have chosen to get married and have your wedding photographs in the beautiful Seychelles Archipelago – our professional and best Seychelles Archipelago wedding photographers will be in paradise just photographing your vows. Such gorgeous islands – the turquoise color of the seas and the white beaches! From Mahé Island to Praslin island to La Digue Island, the possibilities are endless. Our Seychelles Archipelago wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography are ‘cream of the crop’ across the whole world. Be prepared to be awed by the beauty captured in your treasured wedding album.

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