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Elle Jae
Based In: San Francisco, California
Other Locations: Sonoma l Napa l San Jose

Elle Jae Photography is the love child of San Francisco wedding photographers James Sanders and Lisa Crawford. Shooting together and independently, they seek out moments and gestures of emotion and honesty to create a genuine, beautiful…

San Jose Wedding Photographers | Elle Jae

Just how beautiful is San Jose? Let our San Jose wedding photographers tell you. Let’s talk about the splendid gardens – from the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden (so romantic) to the Japanese Friendship Garden to Kelley Park to Penitencia Creek Park and Trail – breath-taking and wonderful places for your wedding pictures. We can move on to the Album Rock Park, the FanimeCon, and Mount Hamilton – all gorgeous places for more wedding photographs. We have listed some of the most gorgeous places in San Jose … but you are unique and your preferences are unique... so just let our San Jose wedding photographers know – they will certainly find the best locations to suit you. And do you know what is so very cool about your search for San Jose wedding photographers – you have landed on a website that lists the cream of the crop of photographers across the world in San Jose – there is no need to look any further – Best of Wedding Photography only lists the finest photographers in the world.

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