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Evgenia Kostiaeva
Based In: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Other Locations: Sayulita, Punta Mita, Las Caletas, San Miguel de Allende

Hello!! This is Evgenia from and I'm a Wedding Photographer that works in a paradise called Puerto Vallarta. I want my Photos to be elegant and fresh, to transmit love & happiness and of course to be unique: because…

Punta Mita Wedding Photographers | Evgenia Kostiaeva

Oh, beautiful Punta Mita – yes, you already know, and our Punta Mita wedding photographers will be over the moon to spend your wedding day with you to capture your most emotional and loving wedding moments. Did you know that Punta Mita is also known as the 'gateway to paradise and the absolute best place to be for spiritual renewal? What simply gorgeous places located on a flourishing peninsula with lush flora. Imagine wedding photos on the manicured greenery of one of two famous golf courses where Jack Nicklaus has played. How about a lovely photo on the sandy gorgeous beaches of Kupuri, Play La Lancha, Pacifico. Our Punta Mita wedding photographers have only mentioned a few of the fabulous places where we can take your wedding photos – let us in on your exact wedding venue and we will make your dreams come true.

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