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Stephen Dohring Photography
Based In: Tampa FL
Other Locations: Bahamas, Caribbean ll Clearwater, Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Tallahassee

Stephen’s clients value their pictures more than any other purchase. It is the one wedding purchase that is forever and increases in value over time. More than just pretty pictures Stephen's modern approach is authentic to each couple with…

Orlando Wedding Photographers | Stephen Dohring Photography

Orlando is well known for theme parks -- and if this suits you, as a bride and groom, grab your Orlando wedding photographers and enjoy the ride! Are you looking for other locations to take your wedding photographs? Well, why not try the classic and Georgian Estate House at Cypress Grove Park on Jessamine right in the heart of Orlando, with the phenomenal lakefront gazebo among tall cypress trees with hanging moss? How about the beautiful lakeside of the Cottage at Cypress Grove Park? A white gazebo with a delightful cottage… OR the Mead Garden Amphitheater ... shall I go on? Orlando is an absolutely beautiful location to vow your love to your partner for life. Our Orlando wedding photographers agree! Make sure you tell your Orlando wedding photographers that you found them here on Best of Wedding Photography.

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