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Matija Kljunak Weddings
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: Croatia - Hvar, Rovinj, Split l France - Aix en Provence, Normandy

Hi, I'm Matija, a Dubrovnik wedding photographer. What sets me apart is the time I'll devote to getting to know you, so I can tell the story of who you really are. I find that each couple is truly unique and the only way to do your photos…

Normandy Wedding Photographers | Matija Kljunak Weddings

Lorenzo Photography
Based In: London, all over the UK
Other Locations: Spain - Andalusia l France - Normandy l United Kingdom - Cornwall, Kent, Surrey

Expression through creativity makes us unique. I use my creativity to capture the expression of your love to each other as you celebrate the beginning of a new life together with your dearest . A timeless moment that is enduring, romantic and…

Normandy Wedding Photographers | Lorenzo Photography

Our top Normandy wedding photographers know that you must feel very excited not only about your wedding day but also the location among the old houses, the countryside, and Notre Dame de Bayeux Church. It’s so charming, lush, and filled with historic beaches. And speaking of beaches, just imagine your professional Normandy wedding photographers snapping photos as you write ‘I Love You and your wedding date’ in the gorgeous sands (with the stark contrast of the pretty blue skies) along Omaha, Gold or Utah Beach. And there are plenty of other awesome cathedrals too. If you love beautiful gardens, then Claude Monet’s House and Gardens are perfect. If your wedding venue happens to be near Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel, it’s a perfect background for stunning wedding photos. Whatever your preference, our extremely talented wedding photographers in Normandy will be at your service. Be sure to book early.

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