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There are many reasons why Niagara is known as the ‘world’s honeymoon capital’ – let us Niagara wedding photographers count the ways for you. Let’s start with Balls Falls Conservation Area – full of wildlife and beauty! The floral clock in Niagara Falls is a must and a gorgeous background for wonderful wedding photos. And for those who truly believe in everlasting luck and happiness – there’s the Kissing Rock at Lock 7 Park in Thorold. Love gorgeous gardens – look no further than the Jaycee Park in St. Catharine’s – home to the Welland Canal – another great wonder. Do you two lovebirds adore history? Here are some gorgeous places to proclaim your romantic and historical love to each other – The Battle of Ridgeway (from the war of 1812), Fort George, the Incredible Shrinking Mill (just outside of Niagara in Port Colborne), the Battle of Ridgeway, Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Queenston Heights? And the gorgeous award-winning and lush wineries with picturesque landscapes – they are plentiful throughout the whole Niagara region – just to name one -- Jordan Village – there are many more – all gorgeous. How about The Rainbow Tower Carillon, Niagara Falls: hard to find but a great gem, the tower is located at the Canadian entrance of the Rainbow International Bridge on Falls Ave. There are a set of 55 tuned bells and the music range of its carillon is one of the broadest in the world. Our Niagara wedding photographers could go on and on outlining the best places in Niagara for wedding photos, but we would prefer to meet with you to discover your specific interests and personality – so that we can find the ‘perfect’ location to capture your treasured memories. Guess what – you no longer have to search the web for superb wedding photographers in Niagara – you have found the best of the best right here on Best of Wedding Photography. Congratulations!!!

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