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Neuchatel Wedding Photographers

Vincent Bourrut

Based In: Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Other Locations: France l Germany l Switzerland - Lausanne, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva

I think wedding photography requires a great amount of sensitivity and creativity from the photographer. The images that will immortalize the wedding of your dreams should not only be successful, they must be exceptional. This is why only an…

Neuchatel Wedding Photographers | Vincent Bourrut

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How lucky you are to be getting married in paradise – the quaint town among the splendid and gorgeous old mansions, the miles of vineyards, and the breathtaking country landscape -- if you are looking for passionate Neuchatel wedding photographers, you need look no further. Our leading Neuchatel wedding photographers will produce dramatic and unique wedding photos. Picture a gorgeous wedding shot with your reflection beside the Lake of Neuchatel. From the awesome beaches to the lovely Botannical Garden to the Chateau to the Collegiale Church to Our Lady of Assumption red church, fascinating architecture and beauty is everywhere. You will have the most magnificent wedding album that you will find it difficult to stop looking at your wedding photos and treasured memories over and over again. Our award winning wedding photographers in Neuchatel would be thrilled to be part of your day. Don’t forget to book early, as bookings fill up quickly. Congratulations!

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