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Flavio Bandiera – Wedding Photography
Based In: Baldissero Torinese - Turin - Italy
Other Locations: Monte Carlo, Switzerland, U.K., Hong Kong, U.S.A.

Flavio Bandiera was born in 1970, and lives with his wife in Turin, in the north of Italy. He is an an award-winning Turin wedding photographer who has been dedicated for over fifteen years to international photographic projects and has…

Monte Carlo Wedding Photographers | Flavio Bandiera - Wedding Photography

Congratulations on your wedding day from our Monte Carlo wedding photographers! All you need to hear is the Maritime Alps and the French Riviera and you know that you are in paradise, a perfect place to exchange your wedding vows. Our Monte Carlo wedding photographers would be happy to recommend some idyllic locations for your exceptional wedding photographs. At night, the gorgeous lights of the Grand Casino are indeed a very beautiful background. Or just head down to the harbor with your wedding photographers in Monte Carlo and share a tender moment among the numerous splendid yachts. You will be thrilled with your final wedding album.

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