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Christos Aggelidis Photography
Based In: Greece - Athens
Other Locations: Greece - Mykonos , Santorini , Monemvasia, Halkidiki l Cyprus

Chris Aggelidis is a well known wedding photographer in Greece for destination weddings. He wants couples to trust him to take not only photos from their wedding but their memories. For that reason it has investment the time to take part in a…

Monemvasia Wedding Photographers | Christos Aggelidis Photography

ap photography
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Crete, Thessaloniki, Athens, Corfu, Monemvasia, Cyprus l Thailand

During a Wedding day, people experience intense moments and I am there to record them and describe them with my photographic images. I never interfere and try to be «transparent» and capture the moment, the feeling, the situation! The only…

Monemvasia Wedding Photographers | ap photography

Yiannis Alefantou
Based In: Peloponnese, South Greece
Other Locations: Italy l South France l Greece - Monemvasia, Spetses, Mykonos, Sifnos, Santorini, Folegandros

Life is about the journey… and who you travel with is more important than any destination. The presence of people is what can make a good story into a great story that is worth sharing... Instagram Europe destination wedding photographer

Monemvasia Wedding Photographers | Yiannis Alefantou

Vasilis Maneas
Based In: Thessaloniki, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Monemvasia, Mykonos, Halkidiki, Corfu, Cyprus | Italy - Rome | UK - London

Selected as 1 of 25 International Wedding Photographers from across the World by BRIDES MAGAZINE UK for the year 2014, member of Best of Wedding Photography, the premier association for the world's top wedding photographers and also, awarded…

Monemvasia Wedding Photographers | Vasilis Maneas

Did you know that Monemvasia is listed as one of the top unspoiled and most beautiful places in Greece? Let our exceptional Monemvasia wedding photographers assist you with finding the ideal spot for your wedding photos. Imagine a tender wedding moment captured with a gigantic mountain in the sea as your landscape. How romantic is that? The bridge is another great place to capture the sea. The 13th century Byzantine village is beautiful and charming with cobbled streets, and there about 40 churches with gorgeous architecture? Why not take your Monemvasis wedding photographers to one of the many beaches for a romantic sunset photo – there’s tropical Elafonisos, Kyparissi and Reicha just to name a few. There’s absolutely a few perfect spots to suit the newlyweds – don’t be shy to ask your wedding photographers in Monemvasis to list some for you. You will be thrilled with the professional results.

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