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Missouri is an exquisite place to pledge your marriage vows. Some of the most beautiful places are the aroma-filled Missouri Botanical Gardens and the view of the western frontier from the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. But these are only two of the hundreds of romantic places that you can discuss with your Missouri wedding photographers. Do you still have the exuberance and energy you had as a child? Then have some wedding photos taken with the chimpanzees or lions at the St. Louis Zoo. Oh the splendor outside of Missouri -- the natural wonders you will find in the magnificent state parks (Johnson’s Shut-ins, Taum Sauk Mountain, and Elephant Rocks). Missouri is not only a dream for geologists – your Missouri wedding photographer knows absolutely stunning backgrounds among the Precambrian era geology of the St. Francois Mountains. In the Ozark Heritage region, the only way to explain it is miles and miles of absolute paradise – sparkling rivers and lakes, gorgeous beaches, canyon-like valleys, and bubbling springs. The beautiful scenery in Missouri is an absolute romantic dream for the bride and groom – in Kansas City, Springfield, or many of the other cities. Whatever your tastes, you have come to the perfect place to find your Missouri wedding photographers. Members of Best of Wedding Photography are some of the very best wedding photographers you will ever find. Our Missouri wedding photographers are known for their style and excellent quality. Be sure to let them know you found them here on Best of Wedding Photography.