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Barbara Di Cretico Photography
Based In: Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy
Other Locations: Italy, Tuscany, Sicily l New York, Mexico l Hawaii

I had my first camera when I was 10 .... And I have never ceased to take photos. And study. I think that the technique should be a means, important, but not the end. When shooting, I forget everything, and the heart wins. Every marriage,…

Marche Wedding Photographers | Barbara Di Cretico Photography

You are very fortunate to have found our very top Marche wedding photographers today, just another thing that you can check off of your ‘To Do’ list. Good for you, our Marche wedding photographers will take care of your photographs on your wedding day – no more worries for you. And our wedding photographers in Marche have a ton of locations to shoot your wedding photos – so cool, along the Adriatic coastline. We will only mention a few … and don’t hesitate to tell us if these locations are not close to your wedding venue – we will work with you to create the most beautiful wedding album ever, promise! So here are a few of our suggestions – how about the Parco Naturale dei Monti Sibillini in the southwest (phenomenal scenic mountains) or Monte Vettore, Monte Concero, and tons of Blue Flag Beaches (where we can capture romantic sunset photos). Our Marche wedding photographers are looking forward to hearing from you … so that together we can create beautiful photos and memories.

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