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Maison di Veronica Masserdotti
Based In: Brescia, Lombardia ‚ Italy
Other Locations: Greece l Spain l Italy, Lombardia‚ Garda Lake‚ Verona‚ Bergamo‚ Mantova - Milan

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia in the north of Italy in 1972. She studied photography at Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan and has exibited her conceptual-photography in Italian art galleries. In 1994 she began working as a…

Mantova Wedding Photographers | Maison di Veronica Masserdotti

Hello and congrats from our Mantova wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography – a place famous for its cultural and artistic heritage. Wow – surrounded by three lakes, Mantova is a place full of Renaissance history, and our professional and award-winning Mantova wedding photographers will be delighted to show you some very fantastic locations suitable to your two and united hearts. Your wedding album will be so personalized and so unique, capturing your very feelings and emotions on your wedding day. You can get some great shots at the Palazzo Te, the Cathedral, the Piazza Sordello, and the Rotanda di San Lorenzo. And if you have some time between your wedding ceremony and your reception, ask your Montova wedding photographers to take a boat tour with you on the Lago di Mezzo or the Lago Inferiore for some more incredible wedding photos. Your wish is our command – our wedding photographers in Mantova will do everything to make your wedding day as magical as it should be.

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