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Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer
Based In: Belfast - Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland - Dublin, Donegal, Galway l France - Lorient, Quimper l Spain - Barcelona

I’m a street photographer at heart. I’m also a romantic soul and when I photograph people at weddings I like to put myself in my subjects’ shoes. I like to be invisible. I like to wonder about the mystery of a photograph. I like to…

Lorient Wedding Photographers | Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer

Oh lovely and romantic Lorient – a most gorgeous place to say your I Do’s. Our Lorient wedding photographers would absolutely love to spend your wedding day with you two love birds capturing the very essence of your emotions and special emotions in treasured imagery that will last forever. No matter where your venue is located, the bay is especially gorgeous with the 18th century watchtower (for you romantic history buffs) or the lovely background landscape of the two windmills. And if you prefer lively stuff, the town is vibrant and bustling all the time. Would you prefer some lovely sunset photos on the beach – we can do that as well. Actually, we can take your wedding photos in any location that suits your tastes and personalities. Don’t forget to call us early in the wedding season. After all, our Lorient wedding photographers are the cream of the crop, the best of best wedding photographers you will ever find. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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