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Sansom Photography
Based In: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: France l Spain l London, Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, All of UK

We are Chris and Verity Sansom, in the last 3 years we’ve shot over 130 weddings, working incredibly hard to hone our talents and to carve out our own unique style in a fiercely competitive market. We now shoot no more than 40 weddings per…

Leicestershire Wedding Photographers | Sansom Photography

Your Leicestershire wedding photographers would be delighted to spend your very special wedding day capturing those treasured moments that you will want to revisit over and over again. What’s even better is that you just found the cream of the crop wedding photographers in Leicestershire. After all, we only list the very top here on Best of Wedding Photography. Some of the locations that our Leicestershire wedding photographers have spent with our newlyweds are the lovely Foxton Locks, the gorgeous botanic gardens surrounding the University of Leicester, Rockingham Castle, and the traditional Victorian urban green space of the ruins of Leicester Abbey. And, oh, one of our couples even spent quite a few hours sharing tender glances and kisses on the amusement rides at Twinlakes Park. Your wedding photographers will surely find a perfect spot to suit your tastes and personalities.

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