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Luigi Rota Wedding Photographer
Based In: Lombardia, Italy
Other Locations: Lake Como, Milan, Rome, Venice, Sicily, Liguria, Tuscany l Switzerland l USA l France l London, UK l Dubai

Luigi Rota was born in 1973 at the age of 14 and immediately embarks on his training and adventure in the world of photography. With over 25 years of experience in the field, now owner of FOTOROTASTUDIO coordinates a team of professional…

Lecco Wedding Photographers | Luigi Rota Wedding Photographer

Did you know that our award-winning Lecco wedding photographers rejoice when they are invited to take wedding photos in this beautiful Italian town? It’s those gorgeous views across the calm waters into the mountains (plus the chance to capture your every emotion before, during, and after your wedding ceremony). This is such a serene place (and a great start to your wedded bliss) with the dazzling snow peaks on the Alps as your landscape. And we have to mention gorgeous Lago di Lecco. Please ask your Lecco wedding photographers to find the paradise location for your wedding shoot, and they will be happy to oblige. Many, many congratulations from our wedding photographers in Lecco.

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