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Vincent Bourrut
Based In: Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Other Locations: France l Germany l Switzerland - Lausanne, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva

I think wedding photography requires a great amount of sensitivity and creativity from the photographer. The images that will immortalize the wedding of your dreams should not only be successful, they must be exceptional. This is why only an…

Lausanne Wedding Photographers | Vincent Bourrut

Are you searching for the very best Lausanne wedding photographers in the world? Well, you are in luck – you just found them here on Best of Wedding Photography. Our Lausanne wedding photographers have been all over the city capturing amazing wedding photos from the majestic and historic Cathedrale de Lausanne, Chateau Saint-Maire, the Musee de l’Elysee, to the panoramic view from the Sauvabelin Tower. Our wedding photographers have also accompanied newlyweds on the CGN ferries and the Blonay-Chamby Railroad. And if you love breathtaking gardens, there is the Jardin Botanique Lausanne. These are just a few places for wedding photos -- this is your day and you are the director – just fill our Lausanne wedding photographers in on your requirements, and just watch the magic of imagery happen. Oh, love is in the air!

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