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Seychelles Wedding Photographer
Based In: Seychelles (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue)
Other Locations: Seychelles Archipelago - Amirantes Islands, Mahé island, Praslin Island, La Digue Island l La Réunion l Mauritius

Born in Paris - France (capital of the fashion photography), I am a professional photographer based in Seychelles with 20 years of experience, specialized in the creative wedding photography. I am not a destination photographer that would…

La Digue Island Wedding Photographers | Seychelles Wedding Photographer

How exciting that you are getting married in paradise – our top professional La Digue Island wedding photographers would be delighted to capture your romantic dramatic and bold wedding images. Imagine having gorgeous wedding photos among the splendid granite rocks along the pristine beaches that boasts awesome turquoise waters in The Union, Las Passe, or La Reunion. Or how about have our La Digue Island wedding photographers photograph memories in a helicopter or ox-cart? Your wedding photographers in La Digue Island may even be able to capture some very rare birds like the black paradise flycatcher, or you may prefer to be photographed amid the aromatic hibiscus and nepenthes. We will do everything we can to create a breathtaking wedding album of cherished emotions and memories.

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