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Danny Halim Productions
Based In: Bali - Indonesia
Other Locations: Jakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Australia

A Photo has A Lot of Meaning It’s Your story... Laugh - Love - Hope We’ll invite you to share the unforgettable wonderful moments in your life. You are reminded of how you walked down the altar, glancing at the love of your life. Feeling…

Jakarta Wedding Photographers | Danny Halim Productions

Bali Pixtura
Based In: Bali, Indonesia
Other Locations: Jakarta, Indonesia l Singapore l Hong Kong

I always feel that I'm so lucky to have been born and raised in Bali. To be surrounded by the spectacular views led me to a love of cultural and landscape photography. I was in English literature school when i bought my first DSLR camera.…

Jakarta Wedding Photographers | Bali Pixtura

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day from our Jakarta wedding photographers. And what could be move lovely than Jakarta Bay and the beautiful beaches of Thousand Islands for some awesome wedding photos? If you are in the city, Taman Surpotai Park is ideal. Our Jakarta wedding photographers know of hundreds of places to suit your very personalities. We will just mention a few more like the gothic architecture of the Jakarta Cathedral, or how about Mesjid Jami Angke Al-Anway or the Istiqlal Mosque? There are exotic views at the Taman Prasasti Museum and also beautiful lush greenery around the National Archives Museum (not to mention the splendour of the building). This is your day and our photographers in Jakarta will make sure that you will delighted with the end result stunning wedding photos to capture your precious memories forever.

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