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Andreas Feusi Photography
Based In: Zug, Switzerland
Other Locations: Switzerland - Zurich, Lucerne, Berne, Geneva, St. Moritz | Greece | Dubai UAE | All destinations worldwide

Andreas Feusi is a Switzerland wedding photographer of fine and exclusive photography and is available throughout Europe and internationally. Andreas is passionate and creative about wedding photography and will enjoy every unique moment of…

Geneva Wedding Photographers | Andreas Feusi Photography

Vincent Bourrut
Based In: Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Other Locations: France l Germany l Switzerland - Lausanne, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva

I think wedding photography requires a great amount of sensitivity and creativity from the photographer. The images that will immortalize the wedding of your dreams should not only be successful, they must be exceptional. This is why only an…

Geneva Wedding Photographers | Vincent Bourrut

Ah … to be getting married in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities must be so exciting for you two. Our Geneva wedding photographers sincerely share in your joy and hope to be a part of your most precious day. No matter what part of the city you exchange your vows in, our Geneva wedding photographers will be able to suggest some gorgeous places for your wedding photographs. After all, Geneva is full of natural beauty. One of the most obvious places, of course, is breathtaking Lake Geneva, along with the historical castles and majestic cathedrals. Let’s not forget the rustic countryside, or how about the tallest water fountain in the world – Jet d’Eau – and if you are there in the evening, even better – all those brilliant lights. What is even better, you can stop your search for the best of the best wedding photographers in Geneva. You just found them here on Best of Wedding Photography. Be prepared for an awesome collection of imagery!

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