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Stephen Dohring Photography
Based In: Tampa FL
Other Locations: Bahamas, Caribbean ll Clearwater, Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Tallahassee

Stephen’s clients value their pictures more than any other purchase. It is the one wedding purchase that is forever and increases in value over time. More than just pretty pictures Stephen's modern approach is authentic to each couple with…

Gainesville Wedding Photographers | Stephen Dohring Photography

Hello and warm wishes from our Gainesville wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography. If you love gorgeous flowers and lush greenery as backgrounds for your wedding photos, then you will be thrilled with all the options in Gainesville such Westside Park, Squirrel Ridge Park, Alfred A. Ring Park (Emily Ring Wildflower Garden complete with a pond and a waterfall) and the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. There are also gorgeous areas around the University of Florida. And if you love butterflies, our Gainesville wedding photographers can capture lovely shots in the Butterfly Rainforest. These are just a few of our suggestions – just let your wedding photographers in Gainesville know where your wedding will be held and they will take it from there – finding the most beautiful place you can image for your wedding photos.

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