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Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer
Based In: Belfast - Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland - Dublin, Donegal, Galway l France - Lorient, Quimper l Spain - Barcelona

I’m a street photographer at heart. I’m also a romantic soul and when I photograph people at weddings I like to put myself in my subjects’ shoes. I like to be invisible. I like to wonder about the mystery of a photograph. I like to…

Donegal Wedding Photographers | Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer

How absolutely amazing … so say our Donegal wedding photographers … that you have decided to make your wedding vows in the absolutely beautiful county of Donegal. Our Donegal wedding photographers have so many beautiful places in mind to shoot your wedding photos … and these are just a few -- Bonny Glen Wood, Mulroy Bay, Glevevin Waterfall (also a great place for trash the dress photos should you be inclined) the gorgeous Poisoned Glen and Dunlewey (don’t let the name fool you about the absolute beauty of this place), Sliabh Liag, Errigal (the highest and most scenic mountain) and Mamore Gap. Again, we are thrilled that you are getting married in Donegal – it would be great if you got in contact with us several months before you make those wedding vows … so that we can capture those precious and emotional memories in a treasured wedding album for you forever.

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