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Sean Marshall Lin Photography
Based In: Philadelphia, PA
Other Locations: Mexico l Dominican Republic l NY l Hawaii l Maine l Washington DC

Sean Marshall Lin (Art and Wedding Photojournalism) strives for the highest form of eclecticism that embodies fine art, architecture, still life, timeless portraits, photojournalism and much more. He constantly aims to bring new ideas and…

Dominican Republic Wedding Photographers | Sean Marshall Lin Photography

Wow, you must be so excited to be getting married in the Dominican Republic. Our Dominican Republic wedding photographers realize that destination weddings are growing more popular every year, and why not? Who can resist the magnificent beauty of gorgeous white sand and the gorgeous sea, not only to get married, but to honeymoon and celebrate a whole week with your wedding party, family, and friends? We can’t! To ensure all your details go off without a hitch, it is important to contact the nearest Dominican Republic consulate to ensure you have all your documents in order. Then relax, enjoy, and celebrate the greatest day of your life. And there are tons of resorts and locations – you tell us where and our Dominican Republic wedding photographers will show you the most beautiful places on earth for wedding photographs. If you are still deciding, I’m sure our wedding photographers in Dominican Republic would be happy to help you find a selection of wedding planners to take care of every detail of your wedding. Congratulations – you will be delighted to know that you have located the cream of the crop of Dominican Republic wedding photographers here at Best of Wedding Photography. Enjoy! Your search is over!