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Cristian Dascalu Photography

Based In: Limassol, Cyprus

Other Locations: Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Nicosia, Polis & all of Cyprus

I am a professional wedding photographer, photography being my biggest passion of all. I use my imagination and I work with my soul in order to catch the moment, as beautiful as it is, to catch it and frame it – that’s is what I love the…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | Cristian Dascalu Photography

Cyprus Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Giota Zoumpou PhotostudioGT
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Cyprus, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes l Italy - Rome, Venezia

Real beauty is timeless. Real photos are magic. They can bring a smile or a tear no matter how many years have passed. My wedding photography formula is to capture emotions and relationships in a photojournalistic style. The result will be…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | Giota Zoumpou PhotostudioGT

ap photography
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Crete, Thessaloniki, Athens, Corfu, Monemvasia, Cyprus l Thailand

During a Wedding day, people experience intense moments and I am there to record them and describe them with my photographic images. I never interfere and try to be «transparent» and capture the moment, the feeling, the situation! The only…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | ap photography

Galanopoulos Photography
Based In: Santorini, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Athens, Mykonos, Cyprus, Nicosia

Artist Statement My goal is to document each priceless moment of your wedding day with great focus on the details of the wedding preparation, ceremony, reception and any before and after special customs. Most of the time I use photojournalist…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | Galanopoulos Photography

Christos Aggelidis Photography
Based In: Greece - Athens
Other Locations: Greece - Mykonos , Santorini , Monemvasia, Halkidiki l Cyprus

Chris Aggelidis is a well known wedding photographer in Greece for destination weddings. He wants couples to trust him to take not only photos from their wedding but their memories. For that reason it has investment the time to take part in a…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | Christos Aggelidis Photography

Andre Tavares Fotografia
Based In: Porto, Portugal
Other Locations: Santorini, Greece l Ibiza, Spain l Lisbon, Portugal l Mexico l Cyprus

Hello, my name is André, and I am a husband, a father and a friend, some days I also call myself a photographer. I absolutely love people, I love emotions, I love the kindness in people, I love the truth, I love the word "thank you”, I…

Cyprus Wedding Photographers | Andre Tavares Fotografia

What could be a more romantic place than Cyprus for your wedding – especially with the legend of Aphrodite’s Isle -- the place where the ‘goddess of love’ arose from the water. Our Cyprus wedding photographers agree that this is a truly romantic place full of love surrounded by beautiful water and stunning beaches, as well as green lush pine trees on the mountains. Sounds like a postcard – it is, probably the most beautiful you will ever see! Do you love Greek mythology and mosaics? Let your Cyprus wedding photographers recommend another wonderful place in the Pafos Mosaics archaeological site that will take your breath away – this time, the god of wine (suitable reference to your upcoming wedding toasts, don’t you think?). You can also find romantic and historical Shakespeare in the Western Portico Room – Metamorphosis -- which was adapted in Romeo and Juliet. Ah, Cyprus is definitely the place of romance, mythology, and love. And if these places are not near your wedding venue, our Cyprus wedding photographers will take you away to any fairy tale place you wish to capture the very best day of your life. Congratulations – you just located the best wedding photographers in the world at Best of Wedding Photography.

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