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Based In: Italy – Portofino
Other Locations: New York l Toronto l Italy – Venice, 5 Terre, Firenze, Roma, Siena, Milano

I started taking pictures when I was a child, trying to imitate my father. I liked his old cameras and I was fascinated by the alchemy of the darkroom.
 With the passage of time this particular way of interacting with reality has become the…

Cinque Terre Wedding Photographers | fotoOri

Andrea and Federica
Based In: Umbria, Italy
Other Locations: Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre

We are two passionate wedding photographers based in Umbria, Italy but happy to travel nation and world wide to make your day even more unforgettable. Our reportage approach insures that we are very unobtrusive in order to provide natural and…

Cinque Terre Wedding Photographers | Andrea and Federica

Our Cinque Terre wedding photographers claim that this is the most beautiful and romantic place for wedding photos – how fortunate for you! And if you would like the most amazing and cherished pictures to capture your special day, you need look no further. You have just located the most professional and talented Cinque Terre wedding photographers in the world. Only the very best are listed on our site. And the choices are endless – from Cornigla to Vernazza to Monterosso to Riomaggiore to Marola, etc. if you have the time -- enjoy a boat ride in between the wedding and reception to capture some breathtaking backgrounds for your wedding photos. Be prepared to be thrilled.

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