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The air in Bordeaux is full of passion and romance -- best wishes from our Bordeaux wedding photographers. Our wedding photographers in Bordeaux would be pleased to capture stunning wedding images for you and some (but not all) of our recommendations include Place Royal – an impressive water mirror reflecting Napoleonic architecture complete with a gorgeous fountain. Pont de Pierre is also lovely and magical – get a photo of the two of you on the tram with a wonderful view of the city. Do you prefer to be surrounded by lush flowers and gardens? Then ask your Bordeaux wedding photographers to check out these places: Place Gambetta, Jardin Botanical Garens, or Parc Bordelaise. And there is history everywhere – the 11th century Notre Dame Church, Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux, and 17th century St. Andre Cathedral. There’s a special place for your unique personalities and if you want vibrant, fun, and busy, Rue Ste. Catherine (filled with several landmarks). Best of Wedding Photography is the place for you -- you have just found the most outstanding and exceptional wedding photographers in Bordeaux.

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