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Maison di Veronica Masserdotti
Based In: Brescia, Lombardia ‚ Italy
Other Locations: Greece l Spain l Italy, Lombardia‚ Garda Lake‚ Verona‚ Bergamo‚ Mantova - Milan

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia in the north of Italy in 1972. She studied photography at Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan and has exibited her conceptual-photography in Italian art galleries. In 1994 she began working as a…

Bergamo Wedding Photographers | Maison di Veronica Masserdotti

Your search for excellent and articulate Bergamo wedding photographers can stop now. You just found them here on Best of Wedding Photography. Our artistic Bergamo wedding photographers will be delighted to show you several ideal places for your wedding photos. Firstly, to capture the very essence and culture, taking photos in the streets of Bergamo is great and fun, and there are several monuments and historical buildings (like medieval palaces and squares) to frame your photos perfectly. Pictures in front of the city walls are great too. La Piazza Vecchia is gorgeous and the most impressive church is Duomo. No wedding is complete without fragrant flowers and gardens – Porta Nuova is gorgeous. And just a few more suggestions – Piazza del Mercato, San Giacomo Gate, Contarini Fountain, Colleoni Chapel, and Santa Maria Maggiore. Our wedding photographers in Bergamo will happily photograph your special memories in a place that is most suitable to the newlyweds. Congratulations!

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