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CM Leung Gallery
Based In: Hong Kong
Other Locations: Beijing l Malaysia

CM LEUNG is the creative director and principal photographer of CM Leung Gallery based in HK with presence in Greater China, Malaysia and U.S.  He is also the founder of WPHK (Wedding Photographers of Hong Kong) and WPPA (Wedding and…

Beijing Wedding Photographers | CM Leung Gallery

How fortunate of you to be getting married in Beijing, the wonderful capital of China. Our Beijing wedding photographers would be pleased to spend your special day with you capturing beautiful emotions and memories in precious wedding photos. If you wish, our Beijing wedding photographers can recommend lovely places. With a name, like Temple of Heaven, you can’t go wrong – and it’s exact enticing opposite – Forbidden City (don’t let the name fool you – it’s beautiful palace). Then there’s the Summer Palace (paradise-like gardens and rows of Chinese scholar, cypress and juniper trees) and Beihai Park (with a large and gorgeous lake) and colorful Lama Temple. Whatever your location, whatever your tastes, our wedding photographers in Beijing will awe you with their stunning imagery. You have just found the best wedding photographers world-wide.

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