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It is so hot – hot – hot and a marvelous place to wed and honeymoon in – lovely Barbados! Be prepared to see the spectacular photos our Barbados wedding photographers will take for you from the beautiful beaches to the rich cultural heritage of landmarks and historical sites. How about the clear and sparkling water, the tall palm trees, and the gorgeous beaches along Bottom Bay as a stunning background with a panoramic view of the entire south shore? Grab your Barbados wedding photographers and find what I’m sure is a replica of the Garden of Eden in Flower Forest right in the heart of the countryside. You will find pretty palm trees and gorgeous tropical flowers and shrubs. Serenity at its utmost! The tide pools at Hastings are uniquely formed with coral and could add an interesting twist to your wedding photographs. Just a few more beautiful spots – Harrison’s Cave, Hunte’s Gardens, Cherry Tree Hill or Hackleton’s Cliff for a magnificent views of the island. And let’s not forget about Rockley Beach. Whatever your preference, our wedding photographers in Barbados will be delighted to accompany you on your very special day. Congratulations!