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If you are searching for the very best Baja California Sur wedding photographers, you just found them here on Best of Wedding Photography. There are so many awesome places that our Baja California Sur wedding photographers can take you for beautiful wedding photos. If you are near any of the several beaches with turquoise water and white sand, they are an ideal place – and here are a few of our favorites -- Balandra Beach, Playa del Amor – better known as Lover’s Beach, Chileno Beach, and Santa Maria Beach. You can get the most amazing sunsets in what we call paradise at Loreto Bay National Marine Park. If you adore historic buildings and fascinating architecture, our wedding photographers in Baja California Sur have listened to the requests of our newlyweds and taken photos in their favorite places such as Mission San Javier, La Paz Cathedral, and La Mision de San Ignacio. If you love to be in a lively and cultural atmosphere, there’s Avenida Ruiz. Another favorite is riding the carousel in San Jose del Cabo. Whatever your preference, our highly sought after wedding photographers will be happy to oblige. We hope to hear from you soon!

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