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Regeti’s Photography
Based In: Washington DC
Other Locations: Maryland and Virgina ll India ll We are also available for travel to any destination.

Regeti's Photography is a company owned and operated by husband and wife photographic teams. We pride ourselves on the understanding of every unique relationship not only that the client has as a couple together, but the entire dynamics that will surround you on the day of your wedding. Part of being able to capture and document a moment is being able to know and understand what will happen next, some call it intuition, not just being there in the moment, but truly being part of it and understanding it.

The Regeti's have become well known in the industry for the edginess of their style, the crisp clarity in their imagery and the ability to make an image come alive to the viewer. Among their peers they are respected for their knowledge in the field and their willingness to share during their speaking engagements offered during DWF (Digital Wedding Forum) and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Professionals International). The Regeti's were featured on Nightline ABC considered to be "A Sign of the Times" as they have brought back and re-introduced the business of wedding boudoir to their peers and discerning clientele. Published within several publications worldwide from North America to Southeast Asia their work can be found published around the globe.

Asked what sets them apart The Regeti's would agree that it is their approach when it comes to their special clientele:

"When a client calls our studio it's at that point that we can tell if she is a "Regeti's Bride". She is infectious, her attitude totally worth catching. The excitement generates right through you so much that it is hard to even think of having a bad day. Our clients know what they want even before they arrive, but once they come to the studio and have spent time with us they say to us, "We never imagined that we could have been more blown away then we already were before we arrived." This is why we continue to do what we do, this is why we love what we do, this is in the end why we limit what we offer."

The Regeti's only accept 25 clients every calendar year. For them these are 25 "Friends for Life" and one will never be confused with the next, for each one their day is the only one that will matter and for the Regeti's it's the only way to ensure that quality will always be in front of quantity at their studio.