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Guido Grauer Wedding Photographer
Based In: Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Zurich, Luzern, Ticino l South Africa - Greater Kruger Area l Tanzania l Zanzibar

Wedding photography is my passion. I accompany your wedding day in a unobtrusive way and become part of the wedding party. My goal is to make emotional pictures of you and the wedding guests. I’m always in between - looking for special…

Johannesburg Wedding Photographers | Guido Grauer Wedding Photographer

Our Johannesburg wedding photographers are thrilled that you have decided to make your wedding vows in this lovely place. Let us show you some of the top places where our wedding photographers in Johannesburg have been with other wedding couples and, hopefully, some places that you would like to have your wedding photographs taken. Let’s start with Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam as a background or the sunset at Zoo Lake. Gold Reef City and the Honeydew Mazes are perfect. My goodness, these are just a few of the suggestions of our Johannesburg wedding photographers. You are in the driver’s seat – our wedding photographers in Johannesburg will take you (and your photos) anywhere you decide. We will suggest places but, most importantly, be there no matter what to capture stunning wedding photos for you.

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