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Based In: Copenhagen, Denmark

Other Locations: Zealand, Denmark l Malmö - Sweden

My name is Nikola Majkic. Or for most people just Niko. I was born in Croatia in the mid 80's, grew up in Sweden and have lived in Denmark for the past many years. I make a living photographing weddings, with all kinds of people and real,…

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Our top professional Denmark wedding photographers can hardly wait to join you on your wedding day to bring out your beauty and uniqueness. What a gorgeous place to be getting married in – full of a massive variety of beautiful landscapes. From the granite formations in The Hammer and Bornholm to the Danish Desert to the spectacular cliffs in Mons Klint to the dunes (Stenberg and Cold Hawaii) in Thy National Park, to Rold Forest … the sites are endless. And let’s not forget capturing a lovely sunset on one of the many lovely beaches. Grenen is another favorite site where the two oceans collide. Our modern Denmark wedding photographers would be delighted to capture everlasting photos of your precious day. Be sure to tell our wedding photographers in Denmark exactly where you are getting married, and they will happily help you select the most idyllic site(s) for stunning wedding session(s). Congratulations as you begin the first day of the rest of your life!

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