Best of Wedding Photography

Julien Leveau
Based In: Puerto Vallarta – Mexico – Street Francia 140 – col. Versalles
Other Locations: Mexico - Cancun, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen l France - Monaco, Nice

I studied architecture, but spent the majority of my time doing different types of art…writing, painting, sculpture. I used to say that I like to use my hands and my head to create things that make us feel and think. And once I discovered and got into photography, I couldn’t get out.

I have all those creative elements at my disposal…the architecture, painting, sculpture, writing, and I combine all these to capture the sentiment, joy, and passion of the moment, which makes my pictures special.

I’m a perfectionist, and I find perfection in imperfection. I use the imperfections or constraints of the circumstances and present them in a way that works perfectly.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photographer