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Cemwedding Aachen

Based In: Aachen, Germany

Other Locations: Germany - Cologne and Düsseldorf l Holland - Maastricht, Eindhoven l Belgium - Liege, Brussels l Turkey - Istanbul, Izmir

We would love to bring out the natural beauty of couples and immortalize their memories with a glamorous view. We love what we do and we give our full concentration and attention to the unique day of our couples with our ability of empathy…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Cemwedding Aachen

Joachim Schmitt Photography

Based In: Germany - Stuttgart

Other Locations: Germany - Heilbronn, Ulm, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Baden Baden, Calw l International l Spain - Ibiza, Majorca

Wedding photography at a high level - Joachim Schmitt Photography Wedding photographer for your wedding in Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Calw, Ludwigsburg, International Dear newlyweds, Nice that you have decided to celebrate your wedding day and…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Joachim Schmitt Photography

Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign

Based In: Hamburg, Germany

Other Locations: Germany - Dusseldorf, Berlin, Cologne l France l Italy

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Kirill photographs all around Germany and abroad. Kirill has studied design and photography at the famous Volkwang University in Essen, Germany. He is a member of several prestigious international photographers’…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign

Hochzeitsfotograf Andrej Pavlov

Based In: Leverkusen, Germany

Other Locations: Germany - Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin l International - Spain, Italy

Andrej Pavlov is full time destination wedding photographer based in Leverkusen, Germany. He has photographed weddings in Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Mauritius and Seychelles. Andrej Pavlov is deeply passionate about traveling, meeting new…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Hochzeitsfotograf Andrej Pavlov

German Levitsky

Based In: Dresden, Germany

Other Locations: Germany - Berlin, Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg l International - Europe, Worldwide

German Levitsky is a full-time destination wedding photographer based in Dresden, Germany. His commercial activity began in 2009. Wedding is one of the happiest and emotional moments of our life. Whether it is Reportage Photography, just…

Germany Wedding Photographers | German Levitsky

Yvonne Zemke – Wedding Photography

Based In: Düsseldorf, Germany

Other Locations: Germany: Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin l Austria l Italy

Yvonne Zemke has a passion for the vitality of a wedding day – a cornucopia of emotions just waiting to be transformed into a story. "Reportage and Portraits, both have their place. I cannot imagine the one without the other. The reportage…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Yvonne Zemke - Wedding Photography

Torkunov Studios

Based In: Hannover, Germany

Other Locations: Germany - Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg l Spain - Palma de Mallorca l Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg l Europe l Worldwide

We are a full-time destination wedding photographers based in Hannover, Germany The reportage wedding photography is a magnificent genre where we work more than 7 years. Unique emotions, feelings of peoples in love have magic power which is…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Torkunov Studios

Fotomanufaktur Wessel

Based In: Germany, North Rhine Westfalia

Other Locations: Germany - Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Leverkusen, Paderborn‎

My name is Michael Epke-Wessel. I am a wedding photographer and I am happy that you would like to learn more about me. One thing right off the bat: I do not hide behind Fotomanufaktur – I stand behind it with my entire being! I come from…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Fotomanufaktur Wessel

Andrew Guriew Photography

Based In: Berlin, Germany

Other Locations: France l New York

My name is Andrew Guriew and I’m wedding photographer. For more than five years I’ve been working a wedding photographer – during this time I’ve been on countless weddings, each of which was for me special and different from others.…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Andrew Guriew Photography

Duo-Lux Photography

Based In: Germany - Leverkusen

Other Locations: Germany - Koln, Dusseldorf

Das „Duo-Lux Photography“ ist ein Projekt, dass sich speziell auf die Hochzeitsfotografie spezialisiert hat. „Duo-Lux Photography Hochzeitsfotograf / en“ wird präsentiert von Elena und Roland. Wir sind ein junges, dynamisches Team,…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Duo-Lux Photography


Based In: München/Landshut Germany

Other Locations: Germany: Baviera - Regensburg - Ingolstad l Austria l Italy

Based in Munchen, Andrea Basile Photography specialises in capturing the charm and elegance of your wedding. Deciding to have your wedding in Germany, Austria or Italy is an exciting and unforgettable experience that you will want to remember…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Photobasile

Germany Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Andrea Sampoli Photography
Based In: Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Other Locations: Muenchen Germany l Paris France l Italy - Rome, Florence, Como lake, Naples, Venice

Andrea Sampoli, a photographer who was born in Siena in the year 1977, has been working with wedding photography for several years now. After living important experiences in the Art world (he has indeed published for the magazines “Play Boy…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Andrea Sampoli Photography

Snapz Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Dubai l Germany l Europe l India l United Kingdom - Kent, Manchester, Essex, Wales

Hi I'm a London based multi award winning wedding photographer, my style and approach enables me to document a wedding like a story as it unfolds throughout the day. All weddings are covered using a combination of photojournalism and…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Snapz Photography

Ben Kelmer Studio
Based In: Israel, Tel Aviv
Other Locations: UK - London l Germany - Berlin l New York

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv and from my earliest years, I can recall a strong fascination and growing passion for colour and the seemingly endless happenings unfolding in the city before me. Photography is second nature to me. My aim is…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Ben Kelmer Studio

Vincent Bourrut
Based In: Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Other Locations: France l Germany l Switzerland - Lausanne, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva

I think wedding photography requires a great amount of sensitivity and creativity from the photographer. The images that will immortalize the wedding of your dreams should not only be successful, they must be exceptional. This is why only an…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Vincent Bourrut

Barbara Zanon Photography
Based In: Venice, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Rome, Milan, Sicily l London, United Kingdom l Berlin, Germany l Netherlands

Barbara Zanon was born in 1979 in the beautiful city of Venice and she is a contributor in the News of Getty Images. She usually publishes on most of the important international and national newspapers and magazines (such as Life, Time, The…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Barbara Zanon Photography

Based In: Bratislava, Slovakia
Other Locations: Austria l Germany

We capture the fragments of actuality which, when organized together, shows a deeper truth which could not be seen with the naked eye. Natural looking photography & ambient light seemed best to us in every place where the sun's rays each.…

Germany Wedding Photographers | STILLandMOTIONpictures

Photography S&S
Based In: Austria (Salzburg)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Bern, Zürich l Austria - Vienna, Innsbruck l Germany - München, Stuttgart

We are a young husband and wife photographer couple. We document human stories with a camera. Our only goal is to convert your wedding day into images, that tell a story for generations to come. We’re pleased to live our dream and travel…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Photography S&S

Francesco Rimmaudo Wedding Photography
Based In: Taormina-Caltagirone-Sicily - Italy
Other Locations: Switzerland l Germany

Francesco Rimmaudo was born in 1980. Since he was young his passion for photography deepened. He spent the beginning years of formation as apprentice, attending in Milano the prestigious Academy of Photography, Jhon Kaverdash; as well as…

Germany Wedding Photographers | Francesco Rimmaudo Wedding Photography

Germany is an absolutely beautiful place to say your “I Do’s”. Our Germany wedding photographers will be very blessed to share the day with you to capture your photographs filled with emotions – and everlasting photographic treasures. In Germany, there are so many romantic places to venture – Aachen Cathedral, Arch in Meissen, Aschaffenburg, Leipzig, Cologne, and Duisburg … just to name a few. Our Germany wedding photographers would be delighted to share your nuptials at any or more than these spectacular locations in Germany. Our Germany wedding photographers wish you much happiness. Be sure to tell them you found them on Best of Wedding Photography.

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