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Vangelis Photography
Based In: Santorini, Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Athens, Greece l Dubai, UAE l Venice, italy

My love for photography has been taking over ever since I can remember myself. I have always been taking pictures… From the end of my photography studies till the present day I have 20 years of working experience as a fulltime photographer. I have cooperated successfully with many clients, including big corporations, such as Universal Studios in the production of the film "Mamma Mia" while my work has been featured in many weddings magazines and blogs.

I believe that photography has shaped me as a person. Ever since I got my first camera in my hands and started shooting film, I saw myself as a “light hunter” and I quickly became almost obsessed with the idea of using light creatively as a form of visual poetry. This attitude has instigated my desire to perceive the world around me in a different light and in a way that others may not notice. In short, I started to visualize reality as if I constantly looked at it through a camera lens. I addition I have always had a strong inclination towards the artistic framing of my subject to make my images aesthetically appealing; the ideas of balance and symmetry are still key notions behind my photography.
Regarding my wedding photography style, I couldn't describe it with only one word. It's more of an intertwining or fusion of photojournalism, fine art and fashion, just like a wedding is a constant interplay of unique personalities, powerful emotions and stunning details. My goal is to capture the very essence of a wedding by allowing the day to unfold naturally and create beautiful photography full of emotion, excitement, thrill and passion with a perfect balance between candid snapshots, fine art fashion portraits and editorial style details.

This alternation of different shooting styles is the challenge I love in shooting weddings. I view every wedding day as an orchestrated event in which a different tune is played every time by the orchestra. In my opinion, a good wedding photographer should be able to offer a variety of shooting styles blending in harmony as well as to capture the true personalities of the couple, their relationship and the spirit of the day. For that reason I strongly believe that when it comes to the selection of a wedding photographer, it is essential that the portfolio of a whole wedding day and not only random, selected photos be taken into account. This is not only my philosophy and also my motivation and driving force behind my work.

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