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Welcome to wedding planning. Hope you are having a good time so far. In addition to being one of NYC’s best wedding photographers I am also a meditation teacher. So let's close our eyes and take a deep breath before we proceed.

Ok so you are looking for a fabulous wedding photographer, oh and a florist, and a DJ and a caterer and don't forget to add to that you also have a job and friends that need you 🙂 Well I am here to lighten that load a bit. I'll take a wild guess and assume that our fun and joyful wedding images drew you in. So what's next? Well lets set up a wedding chit chat over cocktails at my Bushwick townhouse. I usually meet couples Mon-Fri after work. My husband runs a speakeasy in our house that was featured in the NYtimes and apparently was referenced in 2 broke girls recently. So cocktails to get the conversation started and we can chat about anything and everything wedding photography related.

Ok one more deep breath!

Right. Now fill out my little contact form thingie so that I have a bit more info about you and your wedding day and I'll be in touch asap!