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Rares Pulbere Photography
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Rome l Spain - Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada, Madrid

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde

With this in mind, I’m on my journey in this adventure called life.
Hi, I’m Rares and I am a passionate traveler, an explorer of life, always looking to expand my horizons, believing that the only person I should be better than is just the person I was yesterday. That’s something that probably arises from doing all that I do with love, yes - I am fortunate enough to be able to say that includes my job too!
Seven years have passed since I started living this passion - photography, and not even now can I think about it as work.

I’ve always thought that a sincere smile should never be more than just a thought away, the first thought when facing life’s miracles or adversities, a mindset that I am trying to maintain in my everyday life. It’s incredible how a positive attitude and a genuine interest can help you discover amazing and surprising people.

Thinking about it, I think it all comes from my grandmother. Since I was a little boy I loved listening to her mysterious stories about places and characters from her youth. Over the years, I kept this passion of listening to the stories of other people, so that afterwards I can tell them through my photography.

These are the life stories of the wonderful people I crossed paths with and who share with me not only some special days, but their dreams, passions and ideals. Their love!
But don’t take my word for it, explore the website and draw your own conclusions.

"I’m in love with places I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met." That may sound crazy but it’s actually something that resonates quite strongly in me. I’ve photographed people in hundreds of cities and more than a dozen countries. I’d be more than happy if your story takes me to a completely different corner of this world.
So, if you read this far, then I feel that we have plenty in common and maybe someday I will be honored to hear your answer to the question: what is your story?

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