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Based In: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Other Locations: Nova Scotia - Cape Breton, Wolfville l New Brunswick l PEI l Newfoundland

“Risk-takers who have boldly created their own path and style, Liam Hennessey and his extraordinary team of artists have a way of drawing people in and transporting them into a fascinating world. One with unexpected humor, heart-felt…

Wolfville Wedding Photographers | Applehead Studio Photographers

Our exceptional Wolfville wedding photographers will have no problem finding an idyllic location for your precious wedding photos, starting with the lush and gorgeous vineries. If there is one close to your wedding venue, your best Wolfville wedding photographers will surely tell you – and just to mention a few – L’Acadie, Luckett, and Gasperau. If you would prefer a setting in historic architecture, there is the Randall House Museum or the Old Convenanter Church and several others. A moonlight stroll and a wedding photo when the sun sets at the world’s smallest Harbour – Wolfville Harbour is also ideal. Whatever your personality and preferences, our wedding photographers in Wolfville will be delighted to help you select the perfect place. And you are very fortunate, you just found the top wedding photographers in the world right here in Wolfville.

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