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Vision Photography
Based In: Namur, Belgium
Other Locations: Belgium - Waterloo, Knokke, Arlon, Brussels l Luxembourg - Luxembourg l France - Paris

Vision Photography is made up two professional photographers, Nicolas and Thomas, specializing in wedding photography. Their main goal is unique – producing pictures that display your personalities and to make you dream. Located in the…

Waterloo Wedding Photographers | Vision Photography

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in Waterloo, Belgium from our Waterloo wedding photographers. What a simply gorgeous and beautiful place to exchange your wedding vows. Our Waterloo wedding photographers will be over the moon to help you select breathtaking places to take your wedding photos. If you are both history buffs, then the location of the Battle of Waterloo is perfect. Not so much into history, there are many other beautiful places for your wedding photos. Did you know that Waterloo is one of the most common reasons for people visiting Brussels? There are so many lovely places such as St. Joseph's Church, the Wellington Museum, the Musee de Cires, and so much more. Feel free to provide your photographers in Waterloo with the details of your wedding day and your preferences -- we will find exactly what you are looking for. You just found the best of the best for your wedding day.

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