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Based In: Valjevo, Serbia

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Are you in search for a photographer who can capture each and every detail of your most important day faithfully, just as it is, with all those sighs and smiles? You can stop searching because you found him. With us, photos from your wedding…

Valjevo Wedding Photographers | Dusan Rasevic Photography

Valjevo Wedding Photographers Based Elsewhere

Are you searching for the best of the best Valjevo wedding photographers who will create beautiful and high quality imagery – photographers who will form the cornerstone of your treasured wedding memories? Today is your lucky day – you just found most artistic and modern Valjevo wedding photographers here on Best of Wedding Photography. Culturally rich with two city quarters (one – 19th century Europe, the other the Orient) you will definitely find perfect sites for your wedding photos. How about along the Gradic River or Jablanica River? If you prefer architecture and historical places, there is the spectacular and awesome Pustinja Monastery, the 1813 Nenadovic Tower, or the Temple of the Ascension. Just let us know the location of your venue and together we will plan a day that will produce cherished wedding photos. We only feature the cream of the crop on our site – wedding photographers in Valjevo who have gone through a rigorous review process before being invited. You will be in good hands!

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