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David Josue
Based In: Monterrey, Mexico
Other Locations: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico l Riviera Maya, Mexico l Acapulco, Mexico l Los Cabos, Mexico l San Carlos, Mexico l Puerto Peñasco, Mexico l San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Hi, I'm DJ to my friends and if you're into learning new words, you can spell my name as da-veeth ho-swe (David Josue). I have been told that I am a really easy going guy, kind of relaxing for the people in front of my lens, and I like to…

San Carlos Wedding Photographers | David Josue

How lovely that you will be exchanging your wedding vows in beautiful San Carlos. Our San Carlos wedding photographers will be pleased to spend your wedding day with you capturing everything from getting ready, the ceremony, and your reception. Between the church and reception, there are numerous places to take some fantastic wedding photos especially along the beaches. Our San Carlos wedding photographers are suggesting a few idyllic places like Algodones Beach (did you know that Algondones means cotton – yes – a white and fluffy gorgeous beach), the San Carlos Beach, Cochorit Beach, Posada Beach with a protected cove, Miramar Beach and Pilar Beach. And Playa Piedras Pantas will take your breath away. Your modern art and creative wedding photographers in San Carlos at Best of Wedding Photography are the finest wedding photographers in the world. You need look no further.

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