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Katz Photography
Based In: Nairobi, Kenya
Other Locations: Kigali, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Wedding Photography is more than just images. Our approach to a wedding is that it should not be a photo shoot! Telling your story with images that have authentic moments is all we are up to. We are driven to remind you the true emotions of…

Rwanda Wedding Photographers | Katz Photography

A sincere welcome from our best Rwanda wedding photographers! We are excited to share in your very special day – your wedding day. May we recommend a couple of awesome romantic places among the hills and valleys? How about the three palaces in Nyanza sharing a tender glance with your loved one? Then there is pretty Lake Kivu … but don’t worry, our wedding photographers in Rwanda will find the perfect place to take your wedding photographs close to your wedding festivities. Look no further – you have finally landed on the page with the top Rwanda wedding photographers in the world – here at Best of Wedding Photography. Congratulations!! We will take care of you.

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