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Pixan Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Other Locations: Canada l United Kingdom l Mexico - Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Guadalajara, Merida

Pixan Photography’s core principle is that we provide incredible photographs and video with style, products with integrity that are built to last a lifetime or more, and an experience as fun and exciting as it is stress-free. In 2014 Condé…

Nuevo Vallarta Wedding Photographers | Pixan Photography

Our highly professional Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographers can really feel the romance in the air – what a wonderful place to exchange your wedding vows in this picturesque and lovely place. Our Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographers promise to be with you every step of the way from the break of dawn into the midnight hours documenting amazing wedding imagery of your very special day. How about a gorgeous sunset shot on Nuevo Vallarta Beach – it will be incredible. And if you happen to have time between the church and the reception, we can capture stunning imagery as you travel on the African Queen Steamboat Tour. If you love green manicured lawns, then El Tigre Golf at Paradise Village or Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta Golf will surely put big smiles on your faces. Remember this, you are in control. Just let your wedding photographers in Nuevo Vallarta know your wedding plans and locations, and they will gladly take it from there. Rest assured, you will have the most amazing wedding album you have ever seen. After all, these are the best of best wedding photographers that you will ever find world- wide.

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